Frozen Mouse Pups (Pinkies) in blister pack 1.5g

Dhs. 30.50

Frozen Mouse Pups with an average weight of 1.5g per piece.

For small and large snakes, bearded dragon and tegus.

Pack of 12 pcs
Baby Mice Length - 1-2cm

Frozen mouse pinks are also known as mouse pinkies. Mouse pinks are new born mice.
Blijkie products consist solely of fresh animals of prey, with no added preservatives, they have a limited shelf life outside the freezer. So be sure to store the product in the freezer at -18°C.

Open the plastic packaging using the tabs at the top of the packaging. Then put the animal of prey in a small, sealable container and put it in the refrigerator (4-7°C) to allow it to defrost. Once the product has defrosted, you can feed it to your pet or keep it in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days. Serve at room temperature.

*This is a raw product and not for human consumption.