Vetafarm Falcon Spark Powder Quail 100g

Dhs. 71.00

Quail flavoured powder for the addition to food items for the prevention and treatment of exhaustion and dehydration from hunting, travel, disease and injury in Falcons. To be used prior to hunting or release, before and during travel, after the hunt and to assist in recovery from stress, disease or injury.

Key features
- Easy and convenient administration; the natural quail-flavoured formula is simply sprinkled over food items.
- Contains electrolytes and energy to maintain adequate hydration and optimum energy levels, or to replenish depleted levels after intense exercise.
- Size: 3.5oz/100g

Expert advice from My Green Chapter
Minerals and vitamins are an important part of the falcon’s diet, and either deficiencies or imbalances can cause health problems.

My Green Chapter recommends
It is never enough to feed just raw meat for a falcon. Captive raptors must be fed either whole animals, usually birds (e.g. quails, day-old chicks) or mammals (mice, rats, etc). 

Potassium ions, Sodium ions, Citrate ions, Glucose, Bicarbonate ions.

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