Cat Park 2

Dhs. 735.00
The Cat Park 2 by Zolux is the perfect place to satisfy the cat's natural instinct to scratch, play, sleep and hide.
The innovative, French designed cat tree has an original style, offering multiple platforms for play and rest: scratching ramp, bridge, ladder, cubbyhole, hanging toys, as well as large areas for the cat's scratching needs.

Expert advice from My Green Chapter
This cat tree also doubles as a scratching post for your cat, keeping your cats claws (and furniture) in tip-top condition.

My Green Chapter recommends
Place your cat tree by a window to give your cat a birds-eye view while he purrs and plays.

Key features
- The scratching posts are made of hemp - the rough fibres are essential to help maintain the cat's claws
- The tree features a removable cushion in the cubbyhole for maximum comfort
- The Cat Park occupies little floor space and can be placed in a corner
- Quick and easy to assemble (instructions and hardware included)
- Dimension: 92 x 54 x 119 cm